Steel double Chair £23

Steel Table £100

made locally and durable for 50 years or so .

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This project aims to link people who have skills to projects which need their skills.  Each volunteer can expect to pay for their travel and visas and maybe in some cases basic food but we are aiming that the host project provides somewhere to stay and if possible meals. Projects can be ten days to as long as you can handle except the volunteering in children’s homes which is usually a longer period as the children become attached to the volunteers.

Possible projects

Nepal: needs psychologists/therapists experienced in trauma and attachment difficulties. Social workers. People to work in children’s homes for not less than a year. Helping build more children’s homes,

Cambodia: needs psychologists/therapists experienced in trauma and attachment issues

Uganda: medical centre

India: a variety of possible projects

Borneo: 2 weeks to one month working with wildlife sanctuary including orangutans, sunbears and slow loris.

Manual labour to help with building a not for profit hotel by the beach to help fund the sanctuary 

Contact : Sarah Lionheart

with links to

Project Trust (for returned PT volunteers)

Matang Wildlife Centre

The Olive Medical Mission


Prisoners Assistance Nepal

Cambodia Landmine Museum