Sarah Lionheart teaches yoga, meditation and MBSR  in Cheshire (Disley), and Derbyshire's High Peak (Whaley Bridge). She has been a yoga and meditation teacher as well as a retreat leader since 1989. She holds a British Wheel of Yoga Recognised Teacher’s Certificate but was trained in India in the 80's and teaches yoga 'in the Deepest Sense'. She is well known for her in-depth workshops and retreats and is much in demand throughout Britain and Ireland.

TEACHERS of Yoga :

N.V. Raghuram,

Dr Nagaratna;

Dr Nagendra

Sri Vandana Mataji;

Sissel Fowler;

Sarah also teaches both meditation and yoga on a one-to-one basis and yoga classes in Derbyshire's High Peak, Manchester and Cheshire.

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NEWS Yoga shown to help lower back pain. See article in Annals of Internal Medicine

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More information on Sarah’s training and background.

I am passionate about yoga and meditation and am committed to helping pass on the knowledge taught to me by my own kind teachers.